The Bob Hairstyle

The Bob Hairstyle throughout History

The Bob hairstyle is eternal, it is an absolute hit and with it you will never go wrong.  It became popular in the early 1920s, but during the last few decades its popularity has been growing rapidly among women all over the world. The reason for the huge popularity of this hairstyle is that it suits almost any face shape, because women can experiment with a wide range of different versions of the style. One can experiment with things such as curls and color, but you will not go unnoticed. Numerous celebrities have opted just for the Bob hairstyle in recent years. This form of hair is very easy to maintain the pace of life today with one of the most important items when selecting a hair style. If your face is elongated, try with a little bob-hair as this will get you a square face shape. Gradually cutting your hair makes the hair light and lively. A Bob with soft lines will best fit the correct facial features, while the most fit a round face with a bit longer bob hairstyle because it will add a little volume to the face. The Bob was first created by Antoine de Paris, inspired by Joan of Arc in 1909th year. The hairstyle was received with lots of bad criticism, mostly from men who are accustomed to watching their wives with long hair and in the U.S. the bob was at one point deemed to be “a disgrace to every woman who is wearing her hair in such a way.” Bob hairstyles have not only pointed to a rich sex life, but in the context of women’s rights soon became a symbol of equality and independence of women. This highlights the hair cut neckline, an elongated neck and optical every woman has a special attraction. The original bob hairstyle is long hair and beards with clearly defined contours. Although the hair retained classic form, it is a bit modernized, and each season the best hairdressers devise innovations refresh it. Today there are more types of bob haircuts: short bob / pageboy, long bean and Pob (named after Victoria Beckham / Posh Spice). A short bob cut is up to the ear. You specify the length of a long, but somewhere to shoulder level, and can be sliced ​​and layered obliquely. Pob is identical to that kind of haircut wearing Posh, expressed bangs forward and back very shortly. Bob hairstyle is the easiest to maintain and is very practical in terms of perfect finish, because this way of feeding, caring for hair if you’re always ready, and without fear that your hair is unformed. A properly cropped bob hairstyle needs a little help with the maintenance. The shorter, the bob hairstyle is more precise and should be cut, short bob haircut every four weeks and longer every six to eight weeks. In any case, keeping your bob nice and tidy will most certainly be a lighter task than keeping any of the other hairstyles, especially those that rely on longer hair.

The Bob Hairstyle

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